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1. How come my student isn't cleared yet?

The school administrators and trainers will have to review the information that is submitted first before they make the determination. The student will not be automatically cleared after the information has been filed out.

2. I haven't received my email notification to verify my account?

If you haven't received your email notification to verify your account then the first thing you should do is check your spam or junk folders. If you still are unable to find the email it's possible that the settings on your account or service provider are blocking it. Feel free to contact us if that's the case and we can manually verify the account.

3. I need the physical form to give to my doctor?

Each school has the ability to and should upload their physical to the process so you can download it. If you haven't started the process yet then make sure that you click "New Clearance" and the physical form will be a link at the bottom of the page title "Download Physical". This is not the only thing that is required to do and you must complete each step. Note: donations are optional.

4. I never received the confirmation sheet that I need to print, sign and return to the school.

The confirmation message is custom depending on what the school inputs. After you finish the Online Signature portion you should see the confirmation message on the next page, which you can print and it will also email you. If you didn't see either of those then you can just log back into your athleticclearance.com account and there will be a column, which says "Confirmation". Click on the view link and you will be able to see the confirmation message for that particular student.

5. Where do we upload the completed physical forms?

Some schools will give you the ability to upload completed physicals and some will not. If you log back into your athleticclearance.com account then click on the pencil icon under Student Info, then scroll to the bottom of the page under "Upload Physical Form" there should be a "Choose File" or "Browse" button to upload the form. If it's not there then he school has disabled that feature and would like you to turn that in person.

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